We want to see dogs begging for your potato chips instead of begging for their lives.

Our Mission


Welcome to the Louie and Friends Foundation or “LAFF”.  LAFF is both an animal welfare organization and a support organization for animal rescue groups.  The mission of LAFF is twofold:  to keep dogs with their loving families when hardship and medical crises occur, and to help animal rescuers keep the “rescue promise.” The best place for any dog is with a loving family who can take care of the dog’s needs until the end of the dog’s life.  Many loving families feel forced to surrender or rehome their pets when tragedy strikes the humans or the pets in the family.  They may experience financial hardships or the pet may become seriously ill or injured.  LAFF wants to work with qualified individuals to help them keep their dogs, by providing financial assistance to defray the costs of pet ownership and/or veterinary expenses.

When a dog finds itself without a loving family, the rescue community plays an invaluable role in the effort to save and rehome that dog.  If a rescue organization agrees to take in a homeless animal, we believe that the rescuer is making a commitment to that individual dog – they are making the “rescue promise.”  The rescue promise is a commitment to do everything possible to make sure the rescued pet has quality medical care, safe and loving foster homes, training and the best possible adoptive home, the rest of its life.  The rescue promise also includes post adoption support for the pet and the adoptive family. LAFF is a fundraising and resource organization, working to support pet families and responsible rescue organizations.  Working with the local community, LAFF also supports spay and neuter programs.