The mastiff rescue had a veterinary ophthalmologist examine Louie and he was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition, for which there is no surgery or cure.  And then it was decision time – Louie was a perfectly behaved dog who did well with other dogs, cats and children of all ages, but he was a blind giant breed dog who would need regular eye care for the rest of his life.  Who should adopt him?  Louie had a unique bond with Dan and Sherrie, but an older couple grappling with serious and expensive health challenges is not typically considered an ideal adoptive family for a young dog, especially a special needs dog. But there was an obvious truth in Louie’s situation – he had found his forever family.  So with some moral and financial support, and a commitment to keep the rescue promise, Dan and Sherrie adopted Louie, with Allison and Cassie serving as proud godparents.  Louie’s life was not disrupted with a move from his foster home to his adoptive home, and Louie’s foster parents happily stopped worrying about the day Louie would have to leave.  Louie’s story is all too common – great dogs facing serious health issues and needing specialized veterinary care that may not be affordable.  LAFF can make a difference.

Louie's Story

Louie is a beautiful mastiff who was surrendered by his owners at a young age because of problems with his eyesight.  Louie’s first family and some veterinarians believed that Louie was developing juvenile cataracts, which would leave him completely blind without expensive surgery.  A mastiff rescue group took Louie in, and placed him in a loving foster home with an older couple.  Louie’s foster parents were lifetime dog owners who found themselves without a dog at a time when they were facing serious health issues of their own; fostering a homeless dog seemed like the perfect solution.  Louie moved into his foster home and firmly established himself as Dan and Sherrie’s heart dog.  As Louie’s vision failed, he learned to navigate their home and depend on his foster parents for guidance.  At the same time, Louie began to show his natural therapy dog abilities, responding to Dan and Sherrie in a compassionate and comforting way when Dan had chemotherapy or one of them had a bad day.